Yizkor leOlam was born out of the emotional story of one visiting his grandfather’s brother grave in Morocco.

While visiting a Jewish cemetery in Morocco, to pay respect to of his family member, the brother of his grandfather named .. Perez; Joe noticed many graves in the Jewish cemetery with no markings on them at all. No name, no date, no relationship information, nothing… Just cold stone standing in silence.

As the Jewish tradition over the years is to mark the tombstone with name, relationship, and dates it was hard to see the pictures of unknown graves in the Jewish cemetery. These once were people in the community with families and friends and now they are forgotten. No family members can visit, relate to them or carry a memorial service if needed.

This is where Yizkorleolam.com came to reality. the thought that spark the initiative to provide the story of each grave, to connect a face with a stone, and tell the history of the person beneath it.

Yizkorleolam provide a dedicated memorial page with a tombstone plate that stay forever. The information shared by the family members will be available for generations to come providing information for the younger generations on their ancestors.

Our mission is to remember our loved ones who are not with us by connecting tradition with technology.

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